Monday, October 17, 2011

Chase Gear Upgrade

Hey everyone, just gonna post some quick info on the weather across the nation right now:
-Large haboob (dust storm) ongoing in the eastern Texas Panhandle off east of Lubbock
-Line of severe thunderstorms along a front with modest dewpoints in south-central Oklahoma (see photo)
-Tropical disturbance off of Key West causing flooding inland as well as bring the threat of waterspouts

Now onto the chase gear upgrade. During the off-season I'm saving up for a variety of new "toys" for lack of a better word. The highest right now is a new camera. I'm aiming to get a Canon EOS Rebel T3i so I'll be able to take better photos that won't turn out as grainy without being processed. I'll have a more comprehensive list coming later in the week.

Here's the storms in Oklahoma:
Base Reflectivity (0.5 degrees) and Storm Relative Velocity (0.5 degrees). KTLX (OKC) radar

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi all! This is my new blog for the severe off-season. I'll be posting meteorological insights, assorted storm chasing topics, the occasional rant as well as photos throughout the year. So please enjoy!