Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chase Season 2012 Stats

Just a brief recap of stuff that wasn't covered back in my June posts. Here are all the stats for my 2012 season:

Chases: 9
Miles Driven: 5118
Tornadoes: 6
Largest Hail: Ping-pong (1 1/2 inches)
Highest Winds: 71 MPH (RFD March 2nd supercell)
States Chased In: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska
Busts: 4
Best Chase: May 25
Funniest Experience: Driving under a supercell's base on March 2nd and having Ryan say "oh look its spinning" right over our heads
Scariest Moment: See above
Worst Experience: Deciding to chase the May 24th bustola in northeastern Iowa/southeastern Minnesota that wasted valuable time for the next day
Creepy Country Folk Encountered: 3 (March 2nd)
Strongest Tornado: EF2 (March 2nd)
Best Structure: Rush County Supercell (May 25)
Moderate Risk Fails: 2 (May 24, June 29)

For all intensive purposes, 2012 was not that bad of a season for me even though it was sorely lacking in tornadic setups sans two major outbreaks early in the season and a few sleeper days in May. I chased farther and longer than I ever have before (extended 3 days of nonstop chasing and over 3000 miles covered in 5 days). I also got my first tornado and possibly one of my favorite all time structure shots. I'm greatly anticipating spring 2013 in Tornado Alley and am hoping for an even better season. Until then, I'm gonna be re-living the memories:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life in Chase Mecca & the Fall Season

Well folks I've been in Norman for almost a full month now. So far its been amazing, I went to my first Sooner home game yesterday night where they opened a can of whoop ass on Florida A&M (thank god, no UTEP repeats). I also have been exploring the National Weather Center for the first time since I've been here. It really is an amazing place.

But moving back to the point of this, its looking like the upper air pattern over the CONUS is not gonna be conducive for any real severe weather opportunities in the next week and a half/two weeks. A high pressure dome is basically going to be sitting squarely over the Central Plains for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile back home in Cincinnati a huge squall line came roaring through Friday night and put down an EF0 just across the county line in Clermont County. I know I sound like a broken record, but I somehow figured something like that'd happen. All in all I'm not expecting anything special like November 7th from last year, but I really am hoping I get a nice surprise in the next few months.