Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Under the Heat Dome

So far, this July has been par for the course in Oklahoma. We're still sitting under the same high pressure dome that's been plaguing the S. Plains for the past month or so, with mid-90s highs and 70F+ dewpoints. Norman is currently sitting at an enjoyable 92/71 as of 12:05 with not a cloud in the sky. Not a whole lot looks like it'll be changing with the upper air pattern through the end of the month and into the first week of August but the hope for another good fall season is about all that's left at this point.

I'm slowly plugging through charts and getting my last three chase logs for 2015 prepared before I begin digging into 2016. Blessedly, none of this season's chase days should take a long time to write, due to the short nature of most of the chases I had this year outside of May 24th and April 11th. Be on the lookout!