Friday, June 20, 2014

A Strange Season to Behold

Sorry about the lack of updates, there's been little to talk about up until now. 2014 finally spat out the monsters everyone seems to have been searching for this season and let loose on eastern Nebraska the past several days. The Pilger twins followed by the Stanton wedge the next day and some big tornadoes in South Dakota the day after have made the season for many people. Unfortunately, Pilger was devastated as one of the multiple EF4s that the supercell produced tracked through the heart of town. A very sad event which could have been extraordinary if it had avoided towns completely. My thoughts are with the victims for the coming trials of attempting to rebuild and move on.

I don't hold much hope for being able to get anything great severe storms-wise during the remainder of my time at home but hopefully I'll be surprised by a stationary front with massive instability come early August. That or the fall season will have to come to my rescue, because I haven't seen anything worth much this season besides some elevated poop storms in one of my many forays into north Texas in and around Wichita Falls, an ok supercell between Cisco and Coleman, TX in mid-March and a mean shelf with some greenage. All in all, this is turning out to be a not so great year, despite my  multiple attempts in April to see something decent. The number of days that shallow moisture ruined is absolutely insane. I've chased SW OK/N Texas around from SPS to LAW four times this year and don't have jack to show for it. The Panhandle failed to do anything of note for the first half of the season which left me unable to get out to my favorite chase country of the Great Plains. Maybe October will be kind and come through for me a third year running. Only time will tell.