Saturday, January 7, 2012

Heartbreak and High Pressure

Yeah I know, the title of this one is pretty lame but I don't have the spirit to be witty with anything after this past playoff game. The Bengals took on the Houston Texans in the first round of playoff games earlier today and got their asses handed to them on a platter 31-10. I have now seen the Bengals go to the playoffs three times and they still have yet to ever win a first round game. Although 2005 and 2009 were bad enough, this year really hurt considering we were playing the HOUSTON TEXANS. For christ sake, we were playing a team that won the worst division in the AFC with a third-string quarterback. But as people have been saying, its a young team and expecting a playoff win out of them was a tall order (still just as pissed about this though).

But moving on to actual weather stuff, its been a really quiet week going into today with almost no snow or rain or anything across the US. The next system won't start swinging in until Tuesday and it doesn't look at all impressive until it meets a second low in the northeastern states late in the week. People were hinting at a severe threat for the deep south on Tuesday, but the 12Z run of the NAM basically shot that right in the foot with the center of the low being to far north. On the plus side, its been in the upper to mid 50s the past couple of days which has made January a lot more bearable than usual. We only have 52 days until the chase season starts on March 1st and hopefully this nice weather will help speed things up.