Friday, April 14, 2017

March 7 2016 Chase Log


The first chase of the year on a low-end slight risk in southwestern Oklahoma. Initially moved out of Norman for far Elk City but a surging dryline stopped us from going west of Clinton, just west of a persistent cloud deck. Surprisingly decent moisture and mediocre instability failed to combine for anything meaningful, as the dryline began to slowly mix out and retreated well before sunset with little to no cumulus ever getting going ahead of it.

This day ended up being the first shot at discrete dryline storms on the Southern Plains. We initially moved towards Clinton in the early afternoon with the intent to set up along the northern end of a dryline bulge that began to take shape just west of Mangum. After reaching Clinton, we decided to move south on US 183 to Cordell where some agitated Cu was beginning to take shape just west of a persistent cloud deck along the dryline.

Unfortunately for us, as we set up west of Cordell the Cu began to rapidly evaporate in the face of a persistent inversion and weak forcing. Roughly two hours before sunset, the dryline began to retreat, essentially signaling the end of any initiation potential. We made the short drive back to Norman, none the worse for wear.

Chase Stats 
Miles Driven: 214
Cost: $10
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: None
Winds: None

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